Wakeboarding school - Beginner tutorial

So you want to learn how to wakeboard, but you have never tried before? You don’t know where to begin, what equipment to choose, what to expect? You’re on the right place. Watch step by step instructions by seasoned professionals and instructors and learn all the basics. From deciding if cablepark or boat wakeboarding is right for you to choosing right equipment. Learn how to step on the board for the first time, how to move, stop and turn as well as how to stay safe avoid accidents and perform awesome moves.

Cablepark Wakeboarding Videos

Boat Wakeboarding Videos

To easy for you? Check intermediate lessons

Watch intermediate wakeboard lessons, more advanced moves, techniques and guides to help you become PRO!

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Disclaimer: All videos posted here are for informational purposes only. Our tutorials are collection of various instructions intended to help beginners better understand the basic principles of skiing. In no way lessons learned by watching these videos are intended to replace assistance of on site instructor nor does the All Extreme take any responsibility for accidents that could occur during your ski trip. Please follow all local rules, guidelines and instruction when skiing.