A veritable playground for kiters, the water is turquoise and shallow and there are world famous spots.

Los Roques

At Los Roques you find a lot of spots to kite surf. There are some very good kite surf schools which offer kite surf courses for beginners as well as for advanced kite surfers. You can also rent equipment there.Los Roques.. all I ever heard before I came here sounded magical. I couldn’t really believe it, I thought it couldn’t be true that this is such a kitesurfer’s paradise and it’s so little known and visited. But what I saw here and where I kited was beyond any imagination and it truly was the trip of a lifetime for me.

Imagine kiting in crystal clear, turquoise water, with perfect wind and you’re the only one on the water – with your kite buddies of course! This was everything I ever dreamed of and I wouldn’t have expected it to really be SO damn good.

Los Roques All extreme