Travis Pastrana’s backyard Paradise

Action sports paradise in the backyard

Moto freestyle is a fairly young sport, but it developed very quickly and simply burst into the world of extreme sports. This happened mostly because this sport is packed with action and extremely entertaining to watch.

Travis Alan Pastrana is considered the founder of freestyle motocross and one of the most awarded participants in motocross, rally, supercross and freestyle motocross competitions.

Photo from Wikimedia

Travis Pastran’s achievements include the longest jump of 82 meters in a Subaru Impreza STI on December 31, 2009. He was the first person who made double backflip at X-GAMES in the summer of 2006. He also got 4X Red Bull X-Fighters Champion, 6X XGames Moto Freestyle Gold Medalist, and 4X Rally America Champion.

Travis has built many areas around his house to perform various tricks, to practice and give other athletes the opportunity to improve their skills, and this place is called Pastranaland.

Year after year, it’s territory expanded and evolved in various zones:

Pump tack
Cart Course
Foam pit
Pit Bike Track
Motocross Track
Freestyle Course
Mini-Bag Jump
Huge airbag jump

That’s a lot !!!!

Most likely, everyone who love motocross or freestyle motocross would like such area around their home. Travis created his backyard paradise mostly for his own practice but since it has grown he gives the opportunity to other people and and helps with advice. He also held his own championships. How cool it sounds – the World Freestyle Championship in your backyard!

In the video you can see how the zones are arranged and how the guys are having fun there.

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