Travis Pastrana jumped from Fort Lauderdale hotel


Travis Pastrana jumped from Fort Lauderdale hotel. Daredevil Travis Pastrana is used to living life on the edge. But after a dangerous drop in downtown Fort Lauderdale Saturday the longtime motorsports competitor and stunt man taking things a little slower.

Pastrana posting a video on Instagram letting people know how he’s doing and giving everyone a better sense of what happened.

The 38-year-old Pastrana was in south Florida shooting for an internet series the project had a 1 million dollar budget, dozens of people working on it and included multiple adrenaline pumping shots with high-speed precision car stunts and a base jump. The stunt had Pastrana jumping from the top of the Fort Lauderdale hotel opening up his parachute coming down slowly and landing safely. Unfortunately that landing was much rougher than expected, finally ended up in a situation where his 180 turned too low or landed in the trees. Hindsight should have landed in the trees in good spirits. Pastrana reflecting on the jump:

” I always said I wasn’t going gonna base jump anymore after losing some friends there. But unfortunately made a couple wrong decisions which made a really simple base jump difficult. So really sorry to the base time community and to clamor.”

He never explained exactly what went wrong during this accident but the good news he is expected to be okay.

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