Top 5 Snowboarding Projects in 2020 – Video

From some serious stamina and skills on the snowboard pump-track, to tearing up frozen water parks, and racing against rally cars... Is there anything those snowboarders can't do? These are some of the snowboarding world's craziest videos!
Snowboarding top 5
Photo by Johannes Waibel on Unsplash

After we left one of the most difficult years for everyone behind, we decided to bring some of the best moments, and greatest projects from the last year.

Those are the projects hand picked and sponsored by Red Bull.

Buckle up for top 5 snowboarding moments!

1. Snowboard Pump-track by Pierre Vaultier

Pierre wanted to build a hybrid track, something that has never been done before. Creating a challenging, fun and unique track where he could express his skills on technical level. The track is 250 meters long and only 3 meters wide. See the full story below.

2. Snowboard vs Rally Car

Starring Eero Ettala, a snowboard legend and Kalle Rovanperä from Finland, this extreme endeavor brings lots of adrenaline on a unique set featuring snowboarding trick, snowboarder pulled by a rally car and jumping and sliding the rail over the passing car. You can see amazing movie about creation of this video, full preparation and story behind below.

3. Snowboarding in a water park

Three friends got an idea out of this world. Why not go to the closed waterpark during the winter and make something no one ever did before. Follow adrenaline packed action featuring Toby Miller, Red Gerard and Brendan Gerard doing something no one ever tried before. Full video below

4. Snowmobile tow session

Talking about determination, preparation and mad skills, Benny Milam and Levi LaVallee got it all. They built a track and banged out some of the greatest tricks and most amazing adrenaline packed moments ever caught on tape. We’re talking about timed back-flip with snowmobile and snowboarder from opposite directions! Check out the full video below

5. Uncorked with Mark McMorris

Mark McMorris and Sebastien Toutant are two of the best in the business of slopestyle snowboarding. They can go bigger and flip faster than us mere mortals will ever be able to, and they each have a bag o’ tricks that go deep enough to keep them at the top of podiums around the world. See the ultimate shredding of these two masters on a full video below.

Check out more amazing Snowboarding resources in our Snowboard section. From tutorials to locations guide and history, don’t miss our dedicated resources for shredders.

Let us know what you think in comments and share any other amazing snowboarding videos!

Credits: Red Bull

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