The snowboard film – Fake News

An incredible film shot by extreme enthusiasts in Las Vegas with a minimum amount of snow and crazy tricks.

Snowboard film in the desert

Fake News is a snowboard film from the mountains surrounding the Las Vegas valley. A snowboarding movie shot entirely in Las Vegas seemed “fake” to everyone who heard about it.

Here to prove all skeptics wrong
during the 19/20 season, is a group of snow addicted friends from the heart of the Mojave Desert.
These guys were doing incredible things. Due to the fact that there was a little snow, they bought a trailer in April to haul snow from the mountains and build spots.

The guys showed all the falls and successful tricks in order to convey how difficult it was. Usually, when you see successful tricks, it looks nice and easy, but what they have to go through to achieve it remains behind the scenes. Only the most persistent can go all the way and face fear.

Just see what they’ve done.

Producer/Director: Ricky Crilley

Editors: Ricky Crilley, Curren Weber

Featuring: Ricky Crilley, Curren Weber, Ty Turley, Jordan Lewis, and Jake Buell

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