The Biggest air raley in cable wakeboarding

"I love to push myself and learn new tricks!"

Dominik Gührs set a record for the Biggest Raley

Dominik Gührs is a German wakeboarding pro.
He decided to break his own record he set 14 years ago and this time he wanted to jump higher and make a new record. Nobody have done it before but Dominik likes to do something unusual. To do that he choose a wake park with the highest cable system about 13-14 meters and he wants to reach this height. The list of the best wake parks you can see here.

Just look at this “Biggest air raley in cable wakeboarding”. The height of this raley will take your breath away.

Dominic is the winner of many awards – including numerous German titles.
Dominic always pushes himself beyond the limit and achieves victories on the water.

He was born on April 1,1990 in Munich, Germany. His career began in 2004. The main discipline is cable wakeboarding.

Cable wakeboarding Dominik
Photo by: Pinterest

His first and most severe injury was a dangerous fracture to the base of his skull, which he suffered at the age of 13. But the young German wanted to continue winning the German Wakeboarding Championship three times (2004, 2005, 2007).

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Enjoy your rides!

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