Wakeboarding is big news in Spain. The country is a natural wakeboard destination, with warm weather, calm seas and plenty of eager visitors. The country’s beach resorts are packed with sun-worshippers for months on end every summer. More and more of them are realising just how much fun is to be had on the water, as well as on the beach.
  • OCP Olimpic

OCP Olimpic

BIG BRO It is a large cableski, of the RIXEN brand, with 5 pulleys and 680 meters on a freshwater channel and paved banks. The height of the cableski is over 6 meters, that makes Airtricks lovers adore it. In 2015 it has 9 obstacles created by the national brand Mosenpark. 1mini kiker, 2 big kikers, UpRail 11m, Box 15m, RoofTop 20m, FunBox 22m, SPINE 21m and DOUBLE PIPE 16m have been exclusively designed for OCP. Olimpic Cable Park Barcelona