South Africa cops plenty of swell from Antarctic lows and is surrounded by the ocean on three sides (all but the north) which makes for huge surfing possibilities. It's 3 000 km coastline has a 270 degree exposure to the swells that may be on offer, so we are talking about lots and lots of waves.

Jeffrey's Bay

J-bay is the spot where the warm currents of the Indian Ocean meet the cold waters of the Atlantic, creating unique and perfect conditions for surfing! Between April and September the low pressure moves around the Cape of Good Hope and generate swells that run on St. Francis's Cape and enter Jeffrey's Bay, creating what is considered the most beautiful right in the world. In fact, in July, the stage of the WCT Pro J-Bay takes place, where the best surfers in the world come to town and show their surf!In this area there are some small natural reserves such as the Kabeljous estuary and the Nature Reserve, which is a reserve accessible from a safe beach to swim and with a wide variety of fish, birds and other small animals.

Kitchen Windows

Right and left reef with quite soft waves, perfect for improving your surf repertoire. Suitable for all levels.


Probably the heaviest wave of Jbay, with unpredictable, fast, and powerful waves. Suitable only for experienced surfers.


Supertubes top section. Breaks both left and right, on reef bottom with shallow water. Favourite spot of Jbay Locals. Better avoid surfing here.


The most famous wave in South Africa! Right point on reef, very fast, powerful, long and as the name suggests, with big tubes! Here, the BILLABONG JBAY World Circuit takes place every July. Suitable for experts


Bottom of Supertubes, you come across a fun tubing wave, righthander, called Tubes. Wave short and intense, perfect for surfers hungry of tubes


The first wave to be surfed at Jeffreys Bay in the 1960s. Right point smaller than Super and Boneyards, but longer and more soft, great to maneuver. Spot suitable for intermediate and expert surfers.


One of Jbay's less crowded spots. Righthander wave similar to Point, but with less people. Suitable for all levels.

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