South Africa is the best place to visit if you are looking for that perfect kitesurf holiday at incredible value for money. Besides the unbelievable kitesurfing conditions and amazing beaches there is so much to do and experience in South Africa.

Cape Town

Cape Town has so much to offer and even if I wouldn’t say the kitesurfing conditions aren’t the best for me personally (and I know I’ll here a lot of kiters contradict since it’s one of the world’s most famous spots with its strong wind and waves) the whole lifestyle, people, vibe and possibilities of the city make it a perfect spot, especially if you’re with some non-kiting crowd or want to stay longer and still have all the comforts of the city.Pros – kitesurfing in Cape Town

+ strong wind (which is also the reason why the King of the Air is happening here)

+ high density of kitesurf pros from all around the world shredding here during the season

+ big variety of spots in the area (up to a 4 hour drive depending on the spot), lots of downwind options

+ good atmosphere, friendly people, awesome food and wine

+ living costs in Cape Town are a bit cheaper than e.g. in Germany (especially with food you get more for your value)

+ all the advantages of a city combined with a kite spot

+ stunning nature and beaches, many no-wind activities and day trips to explore

+ long days filled with sun (in the summer from 6 am – 8pm)

Cons – kitesurfing in Cape Town

– cold water so you’ll need a wetsuit

– sharky (although nothing ever happened with a kitesurfer)

– rough conditions for beginners and unexperienced kiters if the waves are bigger.

Cape Town kiteboard