Rita Arnaus – Professional Kiteboarder

“Kiteboarding has definitely taken over my life. The sport means a lot to me and my main motivation is to keep making it bigger by showing people how amazing it is, competing to compare my kite skills with the other girls and get the chance to travel around the world!”

The lady with the ocean in her veins.

Rita is well know in extreme sports circles as very successful professional kiteboarder, but who does not know her yet, we have the pleasure of introducing her. This lady is an example of perseverance and patience.

Kiteboarding all extreme

Rita was born on 17/09/1995 and already in 2012 began to get involved in kiteboarding and just two years later started taking part in competitions. But before kiteboarding when she was 10 years old, she started windsurfing. Her entire list of kiteboarding accomplishments won’t fit on screen unless you’re reading it on a TV. However we will provide some examples of her greatest achievements:

Rita’s achievements as professional kiteboarder

2nd GKA Super Grand Slam Brasil 2020
2nd World Distance Kite Battle 2020

4th Overall in the Freestyle World Tour 2019
3rd GKA Kite World Stop Brasil 2019
2nd GKA Kite World Stop Mauritius 2019
4th GKA Kite World Stop Gran Canaria 2019

4th Overall in the Freestyle World Tour 2018
1st Spain Kiteboarding League Huelva 2018

2nd World Kiteboarding League Turkey 2017
1st Sosh Freestyle Cup 2017
7th World Kiteboarding League France 2017

1st Spanish freestyle Championships 2016
1st Sosh Freestyle Cup 2016
5th World Kiteboarding League New Caledonia 2016
5th World Kiteboarding League Cabarete 2016
7th World Kiteboarding League Germany 2016

1st Spanish freestyle Championships 2015
1st Spanish Freestyle Cup 2015 3rd at the VKWC Tarifa 2015

7th PKRA freestyle Tarifa 2014
7th PKRA freestyle Germany 2014

Salt water runs through her vain as her parents are Spanish windsurfing champions and dad was amongst the first to start kiteboarding in Spain. Her parents are the best inspiration in her life. Their love and passion for the wind, the ocean and watersports is endless! They have taught her so much.

Obviously, Rita couldn‘t be kept away from the water. By age of ten she was windsurfing and sailing. It took another six years until she discovered her true passion: Kiteboarding!

In 2014 she switched to online schooling and started traveling the world to train and shoot videos in the best conditions. She was able to compete for her first time at some PKRA stops and become professional kiteboarder.

In 2015 she became Spanish Champion and she joined the international kite world tour. It’s there when she got her first spot at the podium with a 3rd place in Tarifa, Spain.

She is been recognized by the Sports Council and the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation as a high-performance athlete.

If you feel inspired and want to learn more about kiteboarding, please check out Kiteboard Section with Beginner and Intermediate Tutorials.


Rita has a very active lifestyle, she cannot live without action. In addition to constant kiteboarding trainings, she goes to the gym 6 times and practice yoga 5 times a week. In percentage, her schedule is 80% active and 20% rest.

Rita Arnaus Kiteboarder in the gym

General recommendations:

It depends on what are your goals. As a professional kiteboarder, instead of doing cardio she would recommend to do HIIT circuits 1 or 2 times a week and the rest gym lifting weights. This has changed her life so much. But you will not see results if you don’t have healthy dietary habits. Nutrition is the most important part. It all goes on what you eat and how many calories is your daily intake. She always keeps track of her calories via mobile App. Rita is trying to eat 4-5 times a day, lots of protein and avoid processed carbs. Yoga and stretch are super important after doing activities or after a long day. It will help you to calm down and listen to your body but also to focus to parts of your body that might be blocked.

Yoga rita arnaus

For the end, one more important thing – always try to see the good in everything. Positivity is something that you need to train your mind for.

We wish Rita all the best in her future career and we are sure there will be many more achievements, medals and recognitions coming her way!

Check out Rita’s social media channels and give her a thumbs up!




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