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Salomon Rumble Fish Women's Snowboard 2021




Sharing much of its DNA with the award-winning Assassin, the highly acclaimed 2021 Salomon Rumble Fish is aimed squarely at the all-terrain rider who wants a versatile board that can handle everything on the mountain. Built around an advanced directional twin shape and utilising Salomon’s versatile RockOut camber profile, the Rumble Fish blurs the lines between all the disciplines of snowboarding. No matter if you’re dropping backcountry powder lines, lapping the park or just cruising around the resort, this stunning snowboard handles it all with absolute ease. Internally the Rumble Fish is a tour de force of high-end construction making it one of the best performing boards in its class.

Rider Style: Experienced All Terrain

Intermediate to expert riders looking for a high-performance all-terrain board that can ride everything and everywhere.


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Brand New

Rider Style:

Experienced All Terrain

Shape Overview:

Directional Twin


RockOut Camber


Sintered EG

More Details


Shape Overview: Directional Twin

The Rumble Fish utilises an advanced twin shape engineered to deliver a genuinely versatile ride. Its unique nose profile features extended zones at the contact points, which force snow down creating lift in the front of the board for effortless float in the pow. However, thanks to its relatively low swing weight, it also gives the board enhanced control and feel. Now to ensure that the Rumble Fish delivers a versatile ride without compromising any of its unique freestyle feel, it features the advanced EQ Rad sidecut. This innovative profile combines both Equalizer and radial lines to create the perfect balance of control and fun.

Profile: RockOut Camber

To ensure that the Rumble Fish delivers excellent performance across all types of riding and terrain, it utilises the versatile RockOut camber. This complex profile combines rocker zones at the contact points with camber under the feet and a flat section between the bindings. This unique profile delivers a versatile ride, ensuring that no matter what or where you ride, you know that this board is never going to feel wanting.


Internally the Rumble Fish’s advanced construction is headed up with the responsive Ghost Green Core. This hand-selected wood core combines aspen and paulownia with bamboo rods at the tip and tail, to deliver a powerful and poppy flex through the length. This flex is then personalised to the board via Salomon’s unique Popster milling process which allows the designers to dial in the optimum flex for each board’s specific riding requirements. Now to give the Rumble Fish its stunning all-around performance, Salomon utilises a combination of medium-density bi-ax glass structural layers and their unique ABC Wrapper construction. This mix of the bamboo top sheet and bamboo sidewalls with cork inserts steps up control and performance while retaining the Rumble Fish’s freestyle roots.



Finally, and to ensure that the Rumble Fish lives up to its high-performance credentials, Salomon fit their Sintered EG base with fine stone finish. This Galium infused Electra base is both super-tough and super-fast, ensuring that this is one of the fastest boards on the mountain.


  • Directional Twin
  • Rock Out Camber
  • QEQ Rad Sidecut
  • Stiffness 7/10
  • BA MD Glass
  • Sintered EG Base
  • Popster Booster
  • Ghost Green Core
  • ABC Wrapper
  • Royal Cork Rails

Size Guide

Size (cm) Waist Width (cm) Sidecut (m) Taper (mm) Effective Edge (cm) Tip Width (cm) Tail Width (cm) Stance Width (cm) Setback (cm) Weight Range (kg)
148 24.3 7.5 0 109 28.8 28.8 46-58 0 45-65
152 24.5 7.8 0 114 29 29 47-59 0 50-70



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