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Salomon No Drama Women's Snowboard 2021




The Salomon No Drama is a new addition to the Salomon range for 2021 and takes its inspiration from the good-wood award-winning Huck Knife. Aimed at intermediate to advanced riders who are looking for a freestyle focussed board, the No Drama’s combination of state of the art design and construction delivers a unique snowboard that not only kills it in the park but one which rips over the rest of the mountain. Built around a fully balanced blunt-tipped twin shape, it delivers all the feel and control that to satisfy even the most demanding freestyle rider. However, it’s the combination of Salomon’s versatile Quad Camber profile and high-performance construction that elevates this stunning snowboard from traditional freestyle board into something a whole lot more special.

Rider Style

Freestyle riders of all ability levels looking for a fun and playful freestyle board that transcends regular freestyle board limitations.

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Brand New

Rider Style:

Freestyle riders




Quad Camber



More Details

Shape Overview

As the No Drama is all about delivering that fun, balanced ride, Salomon utilises a low profile, blunt tip and tail twin-tip shape. This innovative shape is built to cut swing weight to an absolute minimum, ensuring that the rider has all the control they could ever need while allowing the board to be versatile enough to handle the whole mountain. To help the No Drama to deliver that all-terrain ride without compromising its freestyle feel, Salomon utilises their state of the art EQ Rad sidecut. This innovative profile combines both Equalizer and radial lines to create the perfect balance of control and fun.


To ensure that the No Drama delivers that perfect combination of pop and control, it utilises the innovative Quad Camber profile. This blends the responsive nature of camber with the more playful characteristics of rocker in the tip and tail, delivering a board that is almost unsinkable in the pow, stable at high speed and playful in the park


Internally the No Drama’s construction is headed up by the advanced Popster Aspen SLCT Core. Profiled with Salomon’s innovative Popster milling, its combination of thick and thin zones through the length deliver the perfect balance of freestyle skate-inspired flex and all-terrain response. Now to elevate the No Drama from soft freestyle board into a more performance orientated board Salomon utilise their innovative BA MD glass structural layers. This mid-density bi-ax glass reinforced with pre-cured tri-ax inserts creates a playful torsional flex but still gives the board a poppy and responsive feel for when you get out into the mountain. To finish off the No Drama’s performance build Salomon integrate fit it with their Slingshot sidewall technology. This places carbon inlays into the sidewall that help load and release energy, providing enhanced reactivity under the feet.


To finish off the No Drama’s versatile construction, Salomon utilises their sturdy and fast sintered base.


  • True Twin
  • Quad Camber
  • EQ RadSidecut
  • Stiffness 5/10
  • Tri-Ax / BA MD Glass
  • Sintered Base
  • Popster
  • Aspen Select Core
  • Slingshot
  • Freestyle Edge Bevel

Size Guide

Size (cm) Waist Width (cm) Sidecut (m) Taper (mm) Effective Edge (cm) Tip Width (cm) Tail Width (cm) Stance Width (cm) Setback (cm) Weight Range (kg)
143 23.7 7 0 110 28.1 28.1 43.9-55.1 0 40-65
146 24 7.14 0 113 28.4 28.4 44.9-56.1 0 45-70
149 24.3 7.3 0 115 28.7 28.7 45.4-56.6 0 50-75


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