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Complete 15 pieces Ski & Snowboard Waxing And Tuning Kit

$119.00 $99.00



XCMAN Complete Ski Snowboard Wax Tuning Kit. Perfect kit for families or those needing to tune many skis/snowboards! The edge tool is the last tool you will ever need – it does every angle for both base and side – This one tool is all you need to sharpen and bevel your edges for both the base and side edges. Dial a precise SIDE angle from 1 degree to 4 degrees(86/87/88/89 degrees).Does every angle imaginable!

Wax Iron: Temperature adjustable wax iron 110V/800W with a thick sole plate for temperature stability. Fine-tuned temperature from below 100 C / 212 F and rises to 170 C / 338 F. Features a unique curved plate to cup melted wax.

Large tool bag: Internal strap to secure wax iron; two internal open-access tool pockets and zippered mesh pocket; external quick access pocket; two carry straps with a velcro clasp handle. Roomy enough to add more items!

Training Wax: For all types of skis and snowboards three types (different colors) of wax for three temperature ranges: Air Temperature Range: Blue:-25°C to -12°C or -13°F to 10°F;Red:-14°C to -4°C or 7°F to 25°F;Yellow:-6°C to +20°C or 22°F to 70°F.

All Scrapers and brushes you need: Snowboard Wax Scrapers with a corner notch for edge cleaning, Metal Scraper,2 Clear and 2 Black P-Tex, Waxing scraper, Sand paper, Buff Pads,200mm length metal file, waxing apron, Nylon brush, horsehair brush, brass brush.


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