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Burton Ion Double BOA Men's Snowboard Boots 2021




Burton’s iconic Ion has firmly earned itself an enviable reputation as being one of the best performance snowboard boots on the market. Year on year it always the top-selling boot for experienced snowboarders. Combining state of the art design and construction with classic snowboard boot manufacturing techniques, the Ion is a genuinely stunning snowboard boot that continually redefines performance norms. Utilising the advanced Dual Zone Boa closure system with Burton’s advanced Life Liner, the Ion not only delivers class-leading performance, but it also provides unrivalled levels of fit and comfort. So, if you’re in the market for a top-end boot that’s going to deliver stunning performance across the whole mountain, and you’re unwilling to sacrifice all-day riding comfort to get it, then the Ion could be the ideal boot for you.

Stiffness Rating: 8/10

Fit Profile:
Probably the most balanced overall fit, with a mid-width forefoot and mid-width heel it covers a multitude of foot shapes. Good heel hold for most feet but narrow ankles might struggle to feel locked in. Has what you would describe as a mid-height instep while giving a closer more performance orientated fit.



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Brand New




Brand New


Dry Ride Heat Cycle

Closure Type





EST AutoCant

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Ion Boa Specification:


H4 Dual Zone Boa® Coiler™ with TX3 Laces
The tongue mounted H4 Coiler is the top closure point for the boot. Geared at a ratio of 4:1, it quickly tightens the top half of the boot quickly and effortlessly. To tension the bottom half of the boot, the side mounted Coiler has been specifically designed to provide increased leverage to let you dial in the perfect tightness. This Dual Zone system gives you complete independence of the top and bottom halves of the boot, allowing you to almost instantly dial in the perfect fit and flex for whatever terrain you want to ride. TX3 is Boa’s first textile lace specifically designed and engineered for shell closure on snowboard boots, an alternative to the traditional steel lace. TX3 provides a softer, more flexible look similar to the characteristics of traditional lace. However, unlike your standard laces or speed-lace Boa has designed TX3 to be much smaller in diameter to work with the H4 system but still meet the necessary strength requirements for snowboard boots.


Life Liner with DRYRIDE Heat Cycle Lining, Ultron Performance Foam® Hook and Loop Closure with Tuff Cuff


The Life Liner fuses lightweight materials with a more relaxed feel for high-end performance that makes all the difference during long seasons filled with hard-charging days. The responsive PU tongue construction provides a combo of cat-like quickness and long-term resistance to breakdown, while also accommodating a better fit for all foot shapes. The Ultralon Foam combines outstanding thermo-forming properties with exceptional resistance to packing out. This combination lets you create the perfect custom fit confident in the knowledge that the boot will retain that fit no matter how much it’s used.


The breathable DRYRIDE inner lining technology utilises interwoven thermally activated carbon thread to capture, radiate, and reflect body heat inward to keep feet warmer while also wicking heat-robbing moisture outward.


Ankle support and inner cuff stability are mandatory in such a high-end boot. Burton’s solution is the Tuff Cuff, which increases heel hold and wraps the ankle with medial and lateral support while still flexing freely from toe to heel.


The Hook and Loop closure allows you to obtain a super snug fit on the upper part of the boot. Working similar to a power strap it lets you transmit power effortlessly.


EST®Optimised Midsole with Recycled Rubber, ReBounce Cushioning and Sleeping Bag Reflective Foil,


EST® looks beyond the binding to optimise the interface between the rider and the board. By re-engineering the sole, Burton’s designers have bought the foot closer to the board, creating a more direct connection. Lower profile, lighter weight, and with a reduced ramp angle EST® lowers your centre of gravity and improves feel. The Burton-exclusiveReBounce Cushioning brings cushioning closer to your foot than ever before by placing it within the shell of the boot for an added layer of impact protection that sits directly below your foot. Added warmth and consistent performance in cold temperatures is achieved by wrapping it in a heat-reflective material that keeps the cushioning soft and effective.To ensure your foot stays, warm, Burton adds their Sleeping Bag Reflective Foil. This innovative heat reflective foil reflects heat back to the feet, improving both warmth and comfort in even the coldest conditions.


AutoCant Cushioning
Dual-density EVA allows your foot to settle into a more natural and relaxed position, resulting in improved comfort, reduced fatigue, and smoother, more direct board control.


1:1 Firm Flex PowerUP Tongue
This dual-density tongue construction has been designed to enhance rebound when flexing into the boot. This helps create a livelier and more responsive boot whilst also reducing material breakdown and the boot becoming too soft.

  • H4 Dual Zone High Power Focus Boa
  • TX3 Laces
  • Life Liner
  • Velcro closure
  • DryRide Heat Cycle Lining
  • Tuff Cuff Lite
  • EST AutoCant Outsole
  • Integrated Lacing
  • Sleeping Bag Reflective Foil
  • 1:1 Firm Flex PowerUp Tongue
  • Weld Backstay


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