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Burton Descendent Snowboard 2021




Aimed at freestyle riders who are looking for a playful, yet poppy board, the versatile 2021 Burton Descendent delivers outstanding performance both in the park and out on the mountain. Built around a true twin shape with twin flex, it delivers all the control and balance that even the most technical park rider could ever need. However, the Descendent is so much more than just a park board. Thanks to its combination of PurePop camber and high-quality construction, it delivers a level of performance out on the mountain that is nothing short of remarkable for what is, in essence, a park board. No matter if you’re charging groomers or doing day-long tours with mates, the Descendent’s genre-bending versatility opens up the whole mountain, turning it into one giant playground.

Rider Profile: All Terrain/Park Riders
Aimed at beginner to intermediate riders who are looking for a versatile and easy-going freestyle board, the Descendent is perfect for developing riding skills both in the park and on the mountain.

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Brand New

Rider Profile

All Terrain/Park Riders

Shape Overview


Profile: Pure Pop




More Details

Shape Overview: Twin
The Descendent utilises a fully balanced, park-inspired twin-tip shape with twin flex. This innovative design reduces weight at the tip and tail, cutting swing weight to an absolute minimum. By reducing swing weight, you reduce the momentum at the extremities of the board, giving the rider more control and feel. That reduction in nose and tail volume also allows the designers to give the board a longer effective edge. So not only does the Descendent give you great control in the park, but it also rips on the piste because you’ve got more edge in contact with the snow.

Profile: Pure Pop Camber
To deliver the ultimate in control and feel without sacrificing response and pop, the Descendent utilises Burton’s innovative PurePop Camber. This evolution of a traditional camber shape features subtle flat zones just outside your feet to amplify pop and add playfulness to the snap and response of camber. Early rise tip and tail sections spin and float with a catch-free feel.



As the Descendent is all about delivering that easy-going and forgiving all-terrain ride, Burton uses a combination of modern technology and traditional construction. Heading this up is the advanced FSC™ Certified Super Fly® 800G Core with Dualzone™ EGD™. This state of the art wood core uses utilises dual-density vertical laminations of alternating softwood/hardwood to reduce overall weight with no sacrifice in strength or performance. Now to dial in the perfect easy-going flex, the core is re-profiled with Squeezebox Low. Adding thicker and stiffer zones just outside the feet, it creates a direct energy transfer to the tip and tail while enabling a softer, smoother flex between the bindings. To give the Descendent its more forgiving ride, it utilises bi-ax glass structural layers. These deliver a playful, torsionally soft flex that makes learning a breeze.




To deliver exceptional performance in all conditions, the Descendent utilises a super-fast sintered base material.


  • Twin Shape
  • PurePop Camber
  • FSC Certified Super Fly 800g Core
  • Dualzone EGD
  • Squeezebox Low
  • Bi-Ax Glass
  • Stiffness 4
  • Sintered Base

Size Guide

Size (cm) Waist Width (cm) Sidecut (m) Taper (mm) Effective Edge (cm) Tip Width (cm) Tail Width (cm) Stance Width (cm) Setback (cm) Weight Range (kg)
152 24.8 7.3 0 115.5 29.01 29.01 53 0 54-82
155 25 7.5 0 118.5 29.32 29.32 53 0 54-82
158 25.1 7.7 0 121.5 29.54 29.54 53 0 68-91


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