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Bataleon Feelbetter Women's Snowboard 2021




The easy-going nature of the 2021 Bataleon Feelbetter makes it the perfect choice for riders who are both new to the sport or who prefer a board with a more playful and forgiving nature. Its versatile ride anything shape means that no matter what or where you want to ride, this is one board that can take it all comfortably in its stride. Built around a directional twin shape and featuring Bataleon’s do it all Freestyle 3BT with Sidekicks base profile, the Feelbetter has a unique ability to deliver one of the most predictable and progressive rides there is. The fact that it does this without ever feeling like it’s just a beginners only board underlines why it’s consistently one of our best selling women’s boards.


  • Freestyle 3BT with SideKicks
  • 99% Twin Directional Shape
  • Traditional Camber
  • Stiffness 3/10
  • Twin Flex
  • Core Core
  • Bi-Ax Glass
  • Super Slick X Base
  • Flip Flop Base

Size Guide

Size (cm) Waist Width (cm) Sidecut (m) Taper (mm) Effective Edge (cm) Tip Width (cm) Tail Width (cm) Stance Width (cm) Setback (cm) Weight Range (kg)
143 23.8 7.4 0 108 27.6 27.6 46-54 0 52-68
146 24 7.5 0 110.6 28 28 47-55 0 57-75
149 24.2 7.6 0 113.2 28.3 28.3 48-56 0 60-80

Additional information




Brand New

Rider Style:

All Terrain

Shape Overview:

Directional Twin


Freestyle Triple Base


Super Slick X (High Molecular Extruded)

More Details

Rider Style: All Terrain

The Feelbetter is aimed at beginners through to experienced riders who are looking for a versatile yet easy-going board that takes little to no effort to get the best from.

Shape Overview: Directional Twin

The Feelbetter utilises an advanced blunt tip and tail directional twin chassis. This versatile shape combines all the feel and control of a true twin with the ride anything versatility of a directional board. This ensures that on those days when you want to hit up the park, it’ll give you all the feel and control that you could ever need. However, by slightly increasing the volume in the nose, it’ll also give exceptional float in the pow and a stable and solid ride on the piste.

Profile: Freestyle Triple Base

As with the rest of the Bataleon range, it’s the unique Freestyle 3BT shape with sidekicks technology that sets the Feelbetter apart from its competitors. This advanced 3D base profile combined with an overall traditional camber delivers truly stunning performance in all types of terrain. The Freestyle 3BT profile divides the base at the front and back of the board into three equally proportionate sections. The two side-base sections are then angled upwards with a medium height uplift to create the 3BT trademark profile. This innovative base profiling offsets the board’s torsional twist and helps engage the full length of the edge during the turn. Combine this with the traditional camber, and you have a board that not only turns easier and with more stability, but you also get a board that floats better in pow as well as being more playful and forgiving for those days when you want to hit the park.


Side Kicks

SideKick dramatically increases the side base uplift just outside the widest part of the nose and tail. This makes turn initiation smoother, increases float in powder and improves the handling of the board in rough terrain.


Internally, the Feelbetter’s high-quality construction is headed up by the responsive Core core. This durable and lively wood core combines poplar with beech stringers running through the centre to deliver a dynamic flex through the length, giving the board a solid and stable feel under the feet inspiring you to push both yourself and the board. However, thanks to the torsionally softer bi-ax glass structural layers, that stable and responsive ride doesn’t come at the expense of the boards easy-going nature.

Base: Super Slick X (High Molecular Extruded)

To deliver great performance across all snow conditions, the Feelbetter utilises the durable Super Slick X Base. This high quality extruded base has the highest molecular weight of any extruded base on the market. That means it’s tougher and faster while remaining virtually maintenance-free.

Float Surface: 143 = 55 146 = 57 149 = 59

New for this season on all Bataleon Boards is the Float-Surface rating. This measurement is calculated via a complex equation that takes into account surface area, nose and tail profile and set back. This then gives you a rating on how the board lifts and floats in powder, giving you a real comparison between the new generation of short, wide board against a traditional snowboard. Float surface starts at 50 for the lowest-rated board and goes up to 96 for the highest-rated board


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