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Atomic Men's Vantage 79 Ti All Mountain Skis + FT 12 GW Bindings 2021



Aimed at confident skiers who spend most of their time on or near the marked trails, the Vantage 79 Ti is a brilliant piste-based all mountain ski. It likes a bit of speed and our testers were pleasantly surprised just how well it performed. With a 79mm waist it’s not the widest but it handles well in crud and when dipping off the side of runs. The combination of Titanium Tank Mesh, Power Woodcore and Cap Sidewall provides a punchy yet stable ride for confidence in all conditions.

Terrain Type & Ability Level

Terrain Type
It’s a piste biased all mountain ski that is surprisingly fun to ski on groomed snow, with plenty of energy to zip in and out of the turns thanks to the Light Woodcore and Prolite construction. The shape and the fact it isn’t over-stiff mean that it also handles soft and mixed snow very well, encouraging the skier to search out different terrain and challenge themselves away from the groomed runs. The fact that pistes are rarely perfect makes this a good choice for piste skiers who will spend the vast majority of their time on marked trails and value a ski that will give them maximum stability when it is less than perfect courdory.

Skier Type
Good intermediates and lighter advanced skiers are going to enjoy the 79 Ti the most. It has the energy and precision for skiing on piste, without being over stiff or demanding so that it remains forgiving when in softer snow and different terrain. Good technique is rewarded with grip and clean turns, but, because it isn’t too stiff, little errors aren’t punished and it is happy to slide in and out of turns as skills improve, making it a great ski to improve on. It’s not scared of a bit of speed either.

Technical Specifications

Size (cm) Tip Width (mm) Waist Width (mm) Tail Width (mm) Radius (m) Weight (g)
163 118.5 79 104 15.1 1870
171 121 79 106.5 16.1 1950
179 122.5 79 108 17.1 2030



Additional information




Brand New

Skier Ability:


Terrain Type:

All Mountain


Tip Rocker






Integrated, FT 12 GW


4 – 12


Mini Cap Full Sidewall


Wood, Composite, Titanal Laminate



Sizing Description:

Nose level to forehead height is ideal, but longer length is important if there is a bigger rocker or you’re spending more time off piste where the extra stability and float a larger size provides will be beneficial.

More Details


Everything about the shape works perfectly for a ski that is designed for pistes with the ability to go down the sides as well. The waist is 79mm, a good size for a ski that needs to perform on groomers and still have some width for softer snow and skiing away from the marked trails. A medium radius ensures the ski feels good in a variety of turns on piste and still strikes a good balance between easy turning off-piste and stability. The contact points are only set back a little in the tip and tail, this helps with forgiveness when the snow is softer or trickier without affecting the hard snow performance.

All Mountain Rocker uses 10/90 split of tip rocker to camber. The relatively small amount of rocker helps with turn initiation and control in unpisted and soft conditions, without affecting the camber which provides the grip and response on firmer snow.

Atomic’s Light Woodcore uses poplar to optimise the skis weight without sacrificing any shock absorption or stability.

Cap Sidewall uses a full sidewall underfoot for controlled power transmission and great edge grip. The tips and tails use a cap construction to increase durability and make turn initiation and release simpler.

Key Features

Prolite is all about keeping the weight down without affecting the performance, achieved by using exactly the right amount of material in the right places and removing it where it isn’t needed. This creates interesting profiles such as the milled-out areas through the centre of the ski that save weight but use tougher materials so strength isn’t compromised and the built-up areas along the edges that transmit power so effectively.

Titantium Tank Mesh
A layer of super rigid, woven mesh reinforced with increases strength across the ski without adding weight.

Energy Backbone
An ultra-light insert that runs the length of the ski like a backbone, this provides exceptional agility without extra weight.

EB tester’s comments: Nat (Liverpool) The construction makes the ski feel light yet strong and it pretty much smashed through most of the chop on piste. A great ski to inspire progression.


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