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Atomic Men's Redster X9 WB Piste Skis + X 12 GW Bindings 2021



A Light Woodcore, Titanium Stabilizer and Worldcup Base Finish ensure you get top performance out of the Redster X9 WB. It uses all the design of the high-end piste and race focused Redster range but has a wider than typical waist. The result is extra stability for variable terrain, making it ideal for skiers who spend most of their time on hard snow but want something a little more versatile and balanced for when things get chopped-up.

Terrain Type & Ability Level

Terrain Type
Totally piste focused but because of the extra width it has increased stability in rougher snow when the slopes get messed up, which is probably more common than runs being perfectly groomed. It’s a great choice for good skiers who want to enjoy carving and turning whatever the state of the snow and who value stability higher than pure speed swapping edges. Considering it does still have quick response, it makes the right choice for the majority of skiers.

Skier Type
The X9 WB is for piste skiers who want to ski fast whatever the conditions and who are prepared to give up a little bit of edge to edge speed in favour of increased stability. It’s aimed at advanced and expert skiers and, for skis at that level, it is relatively forgiving, but only compared to pure race derived skis. Intermediates will never get the most out of it and would be better looking elsewhere. This ski wants to carve turns all the time, at medium and fast speeds.

Technical Specifications

Size (cm) Tip Width (mm) Waist Width (mm) Tail Width (mm) Radius (m) Weight (g)
168 125.5 75 109.5 13.5 2171
176 128 75 112 14.2 2255



Additional information




Brand New

Skier Ability:


Terrain Type:



Full Camber






Integrated, X 12 GW


4 – 12


Full Sidewall


Wood, Titanal Laminate



Sizing Description:

Chin to nose height is ideal for quick responses and easy handling. Go longer for extra stability and wider, bigger turns.

More Details


This is a thoroughbred piste machine so there is plenty of shape and the possibility of all kinds of turn shapes. It’s wider than many pure piste skis and this gives it the edge over them when the conditions become trickier and the pistes cut up. The X9 WB with its extra width will just blast through it with no loss of power or stability.The Multi Radius Sidecut combines the best of Slalom and Giant Slalom for playful agile short turns and smooth long turns on the same ski. The contact points extend right into the tip and tail for the maximum contact length and best edge grip, from the very start of the turn right through to the end.

Active Camber uses full camber, no rocker. This provides the best possible grip and energy for the highest performance piste skiing.

A Ti reinforced Power Woodcore is used for the best performance. Ash and poplar are combined to produce a sporty, dynamic response that is also stable and good at dampening vibrations at speed. Titanal plates above and below the core add stability, supreme shock absorption and increase the torsional rigidity to improve the edge grip.

Dura Cap Sidewall uses sidewall from the base to the top sheet for controlled power transmission and great edge hold. The rounded shape adds durability as it picks up less dings and knocks.

Key Features

Servotec is Atomic’s radical innovation for racing and high-performance piste skiing. The name comes from ‘Servolenkung’ because that’s what it is – the first power steering for skis! The secret is the Servotec rod on the top of the ski and the elastomer just under the binding. The rod is under tension, meaning the elastomer connected to it is compressed. The whole ski is therefore in a pre-stressed position – essentially ready to turn. As the ski bends into a turn, the compression in the elastomer is relaxed. It rebounds out like a spring, pulling the rod with it and actively supporting the flex of the ski. This makes steering lighter and quicker. Then on fast straights the rod and elastomer dampen out bumps and ruts in the slope and even swallow up negative swings. This keeps your steering firmer and more stable when skiing straight at high speeds.

EB tester’s comments: Szymon (Castlefield) It was so solid on the chopped up pistes. Perfect for someone who wants a high end piste ski, but needs a bit more versatility to cope with more choppy or slushy conditions.


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