There's more to the Philippines than the tropical, world-class barrels of Siargo island's Cloud 9. With more than 7,000 islands making up the archipelagic country's geography, there are hundreds of untapped setups that could produce waves of similar magnitude.

Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine is a perfect, top to bottom, barrelling peak that’s short but sweet when the conditions align. Ideal swell direction is NE, as too much E tends to by-pass Cloud 9 a bit and focus on the adjacent reef of Quicksilver, while too much N can slam it shut. Higher tides also improve makeability as the coral lurks challengingly close to the open air.W wind holds up the coveted rights nicely and although the lefts are shorter, they are just as hollow off the peak, before quickly shutting down. Sucks in the swell and can handle pretty large faces before maxing out. Confident, nimble, experienced surfers will love it, while intermediates may struggle.

Cloud Nine Philippines surfing