Why you should take beginner snowboard lessons?

Why is taking a snowboard lesson better than learning yourself? Learn from Mint snowboarding school all pros and cons and beginner mistakes you can avoid by learning to snowboard from experienced teachers.

Snowboard lessons from Mint Snowboard School

5 Reasons you should take beginner snowboard lessons

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It can be expensive getting to the mountains to snowboard, so we understand why people might choose to save money on lessons and go it alone, learning to snowboard from friends and family. But believe me, they’ll quickly get bored of teaching you and before you know it, they’ll be taking you down a piste way outside of your skill level. But who could blame them? They want to get out and go snowboarding and its their holiday too! I’ve been there, taken on red runs, sent over a huge kicker and taken off-piste in chest deep powder, all on my first day snowboarding. It’s fair to say I fell, tumbled, rolled, bashed and bruised my way down the mountain, but hey, my friends had a great day out!!!

If that wasn’t enough to convince you to pay for snowboard lessons, then maybe the following 5 reasons might.

1.       Your snowboarding will progress quickly

You wouldn’t jump into a car and drive it on the roads without lessons and expect to be in control, so why would you do the same on a snowboard?  Understanding and developing the fundamental skills of snowboarding are key to quickly building your confidence and your snowboarding so you can make the most of your snow holiday.

2.      You’re less likely to get injured

Snowboarding is a dangerous sport and whilst lessons cannot guarantee an injury free snowboarding career, they will significantly reduce your chances of getting injured. During lessons your instructor will teach you more than just how to turn and stop. You will also learn easy ways to warm up and stretch out, how to fall properly and give you the support you need to get you back on your feet when you do fall over.

3.      You’ll learn to set up your board correctly

There are loads of instructional videos and articles explaining how to set up your bindings and stance. But let’s be honest, as a beginner it’s all new to you. So why not let your snowboarding coach set your board up for you? They will work with you to understand your body mechanics and translate this into an optimized snowboard stance set-up. That way you’ll learn from an expert and be able to set up any board just the way you need it for your riding style.

4.      You’ll learn to do it right

There’s no replacement for good technique! Your coach will focus on developing your base snowboarding and build on this in layers so that you create a solid foundation to your snowboarding. This will allow you to focus on pushing your riding further and quicker than learning on your own.  

5.      You’ll have an awesome time.

A snowboard coach is a professional in their sport, they train for years to become qualified, have a wealth of coaching experience. They’ll adapt the pace and content of your lesson to suit your learning style and mentor you to build your confidence, all so you can go away having had an epic time, learned the fundamentals of snowboarding and hopefully fall in love with the sport we all love.



MINT Snowboarding
T: +33 (0)4 50 84 13 88



MINT Snowboarding
T: +33 (0)4 50 84 13 88

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