Mexico has sandy shores, azure waters and beautiful beaches, but which are the best beaches to head to if you love surfing? Here we’ve compiled the absolute top surf spots from across Mexico.

Barra de la Cruz, Oaxaca


The coast of Oaxaca has some of the best surf not only in Mexico, but in the world. Among the many surf breaks along this part of the country, the most devoted to the sea know all about Barra de la Cruz, a barren beach about 12 miles from the resort town of Huatulco.

Back in 2006, the famous Rip Curl Pro Search annual competition was held here, which is what put this once-secret spot on the map. Before that, it flew well below the radar, save for the few diehard surfers who would camp on its shores in order to catch the early morning waves.

What's special about "Barra," as the locals call it, is that you can't see it from surrounding beaches because it's protected on either side by hills. It's also only accessed via a dirt road, which helps it retain its "secret" magic. That said, those planning to stay in Barra can expect very minimal accommodations and not many services. It's best to bring everything you need in with you.Today, the village is highly regarded in the surf community for its epic point break. There's not a ton going on in the town, save for surf bungalows and a single beachfront cantina, meaning this is a spot for true surf devotees.

Barra de la cruz Oaxaca

Cerritos, Los Cabos, Baja

The user-friendly waves of Cerritos are found right at the bottom of Baja in Los Cabos, where the swell wraps around the headland, providing fun left and right walls that can go on for 150 metres.
The spot works at all stages of the tide, so is the perfect place to spend the whole day on your Mexico surf holiday, as you can seek shelter under the palms and enjoy fresh seafood, fruit and juices to keep you fueled up in between sessions.