Maldives' waves can't be considered super powerful, as the swell normally reaches shoulder-to-head high, but it offers big chances of barrels and long fun waves. It's the perfect trip for intermediate and advanced surfers.


Impressive, point-style, righthand reefbreak that forms half of the Thamburudhoo Island double act along with Honky’s. Sultans regularly delivers the biggest, longest waves in North Male and is one of only 3 righthanders that will work when the SW monsoon blows throughout the middle months of the year. It starts with a swift, steep, yet manageable drop into a carving wall that throws some nice hooks on the faster inside reef, a full 300m down the line on big SE swells.Handles as much size as this corner of the Indian Ocean can muster, when waiting for a tip to tail bomb will be extremely worth it.

An appetite for size means Sultans, like most of North Male Atoll, is best in the March to October surf season, especially June, July, and August. Another one of the more consistent waves in the area, it peaks at high tide, with a solid southeast swell and any wind from the west to north—this is a break you must ride during your surf trip.

Sultans Maldives surfing