Kilian Bron on the edge of world

Kilian Bron – professional enduro mountain bike racer

Kilian Bron is a professional enduro mountain bike racer from Annecy, French Alps. He started cycling fifteen years ago, riding downhill, because he lived only 500 meters from the funicular, and there he met other young riders with whom he became friends and they continued to ride in winter and summer.

Photo source: Instagram

Kilian Bron combines style, precision and speed. His ability to stay relaxed on the bike gives him efficiency and enables to ride for a long time periods of time without stopping.

Cycling is by far the easiest way to discover new areas as well as hone your skills. You do not need special training rooms and, if you wish, you can do it all year round. You can ride your bike everywhere.

Kilian has traveled to many countries on his bike. Canada, New Zealand, Indonesia, Hawaii, Peru, Chile, China, Norway … But his home remains the best place to ride.

You will be able to see many places where Kilian rode his bike, these are truly crazy moments and the most beautiful landscapes.

Watch the video below…


A crazy descent with Kilian Bron and friends from speed flying, wingsuit, trail running and many more disciplines … Above all, mountain biking, but also sharing moments in time and incredible landscapes in the heart of the Alps.


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