Kazuza – BASE Jumper Dog

Dog Jumps Off 2,300-Foot Cliff

Kazuza is a very brave BASE jumper dog. He has performed more than 40 jumps for 7 years. He jumps with his owner, Bruno Valente, a professional BASE jumper. During his jumps, Bruno could not leave the dog alone and he decided to take Kazuza with him. He had to find a super safe harness to enable his furry friend to fly with him safely, and they have been jumping together ever since.

The video shows that the dog really likes it and they made a jump from 2300 feet (701 meters).
This is not the first case of jumping with dogs, in the army very often dogs jump from planes with paratroopers. But this is probably the first dog BASE jumper and not a skydiver.

Find best places for BASE Jumping here.

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