Justin Cooper Injury Update


Justin Cooper Injury Update. Justin Cooper, the 2021 250SX West Region Champion was becoming a championship favorite before his 2022 season came crashing down before it even started. He suffered a broken foot leading up to the Anaheim 1 Supercross, ending hit chanced of defending, keeping him out of the running for the 250SX East Region title, and sidelining him for the entire supercross season.

The injury occurred when Cooper’s foot got pinched under the footpeg when failing to get a lift for a triple. The result was a broken and dislocation of four metatarsals, as well as fractures in the center of his foot.  He was expected to miss six months.

Cooper posted an update on Instagram on March 22, stating that nearly three months has passed since the crash and the pins have been removed from his foot. In addition, the wounds from his surgery had healed sufficiently to allow him to continue training via swimming and spin bike. Up until then, Cooper had to walk with a boot and now can walk in what he called “actual shoes.” Cooper appears to be eyeing a return for May 28 in California for the first round Fox Raceway 1 National.

Cooper had this 2022 year to defend his title or fight for the title on the opposite coast, due to the AMA Supercross rulebook.  Cooper would then be forced to the premier class in supercross for the 2023 season. Since Cooper would likely move to 450MX next year, his chance to win the 250 National Motocross Championship would have to be this year.

Is that possible? Stay tuned!

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