Janja Garnbret & Domen Skofic climb the highest chimney in Europe

Climbing up Europe’s tallest chimney in Slovenia

Janja Garnbret and Domen Skofic made an incredible climbing through the chimney
height 360 meters (1,180 ft). The chimney is located in Trbovlje, Slovenia and is the tallest chimney in Europe, built in 1976 and closed at the end of 2014.
Now this chimney is the longest man-made route in the world. The route was developed by the organizers of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) Katja Vidmar and Simon Margon. The route was divided into 13 pitches with difficulty from 7b to 8b + and was named “Never Ending Story”

Rising majestically out of the sea of ​​fog: the 360-meter-high Trbovlje chimney on the Save. (Image Jakob Schweighofer / Red Bull Content Pool)

Garnbret and Skofic conquered the pipe on October 9, 2020. For the first time, the team reached the summit in 12 hours. After four days of rest, the team completed the route again in 7 hours and 32 minutes. None of the two climbers have had experience with this type of climbing before.

Garnbret and Skofic are very strong Slovenian climbers. Garnbret 21 years old, gained her popularity after becoming the first female athlete to win a season by winning all the 2019 IFSC bouldering events.
Skofik 26 years old, was the leader of IFSC 2016.
Both climbers had different feelings from this route at different stages as they approached the summit. Garnbret was a little scared before the start due to the fact that the wall is vertical compared to the overhanging wall, and in case of a fall, you can get hit hard. But after several falls, this fear was dispelled and there was more confidence.

But the members of the Team were not taken aback and completed this journey with incredible emotions that they will remember for a long time.

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