High Diving is an Incredible Discipline

Dives with multiple twists and somersaults, which are one of the most spectacular movements in this acrobatics-like sport.

An incredible discipline of perfectly honed bodies.

When you observe such beauty, you definitely don’t think about how long it took for an athlete to hone his skills and make his best jump. 

Dives with multiple twists and somersaults, which are one of the most spectacular movements in this acrobatics-like sport. The most challenging to perform, are carried out, despite the overall pressure coming from the conditions of the situation itself, the hopes and expectations of the coaching staff, and enormous amount of overwhelming emotions and adrenaline that seethes their veins…

Especially impressive and mind-blowing are synchronized diving in pairs, where partners have to perform dives simultaneously, by executing the most unbelievable teamwork. They should feel and trust each other so well as much as possible, showing the highest quality of execution and the synchronicity. Among the other requirements are also perfect timing of take-off and entry, the properly defined body position, the proper amounts of twists, rotation and revolution upon completion of the dive and entry, angle of entry and finally the amount of splash created by the diver. The above-mentioned requirements are relevant for single performers as well. Only fulfillment of all these conditions can guarantee a flawless result.

My memory still keeps moments, when I sit on the floor, while starring on the tv during another event, with wide opened eyes and drooping jaw, not believing that what was happening on the screen was real. 

I guess that many of us can relate, that while being a kid, diving was among the favorite disciplines to watch. And this is really an incredibly disciplined and fascinating sport, since almost every dive is full of magnificent artistic beauty, performed byperfectly honed bodies.

Enjoy watching the best dives from Tokyo Olympics below:


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