Greece’s natural environment and winds satisfy all kite surfing preferences; from a sandy beach with turquoise waters and strong winds for speed to large waves to pull off various fancy kite-surfing maneuvers, or a combination of both.


There is spots that you hear about again and again. When people tell you about them, you just can’t believe they are as good as they describe them, because nobody knows them. Limnos is such a spot. The only reason that this little Greek island is still unknown, is that the spot was only discovered a few years ago and there are no direct flights from Europe, yet (always a stopover in Athens).But let me tell you this: it’s probably Greece’s or maybe even Europe’s best kept secret when it comes to amazing kitesurf conditions: an uncrowded spot, good winds, beautiful nature and authentic culture. My only advise? Go there now before everyone else!

+ one of Greece’s best kept secrets, still authentic and unspoiled
+ uncrowded spot with Caribbean-like turquoise water
+ lots of space
+ flatwater at the top of the bay, waves at the bottom of the bay, choppy inbetween
+ huge bay, safe for any level from beginner to pro
+ unspoilt Greek landscape and Greek life (almost no tourism)
+ familiar atmosphere at the spot
+ sandy beach, no obstacles or hazards in the water

– you can’t stay directly at the spot, the closest accommodation is the kite-camp with tents
– no direct flights, so you usually have to make a stop over in Athens
– very remote spot (except for 2 restaurants there is nothing around the spot, a car is recommended)
– no nightlife

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