Gota Dagua Surf Camp

If you are thinking of learning how to surf or improve even more your surfing skills we found the perfect place for you. Best offer for All Extreme Community Members.

Gota Dagua Surf Camp – The best place to surf

If you are thinking of learning how to surf or improve your surfing skills even more we’ve found the perfect place for you. We are happy to introduce you to these amazing team of four Portuguese surfers.

Gota Dagua is a project of love, passion and dedication to wattersports.

These four Portuguese surfers decided to open their own Surf School and Surf Camp to share their love for surfing and the ocean with the world. They started surfing at a young age and they will make sure to pass you all the knowledge that took many years, trial and error and lot of passion to gain.

When people devote completely to what they really love, it is worth special attention. The guys have come a long way from beginners to professionals and do not doubt that they will help you learn surfing in the best, safest way, while having the time of your life!

Gota Dagua founders:

This is a dream team of four Portuguese guys, good friends that wanted to spend their lives surfing and ensuring that visitors and local people can enjoy the best surf experience in Portugal.

Ricardo – he is the creative soul of Gota Dagua and he loves to share his stories with you. Moreover, he is a certified surf teacher who graduated with the Portuguese Surfing Federation´s instructor course and he is certified as a SUP instructor.

Miguel – He successfully graduated with the Portuguese Surfing Federation´s Instructor Course. Started surfing at the age of 12 and his passion and talent led him to participate in competitions until he was 18.

Gonçalo – Gonçalo started surfing at the young age of 12 together with his brother Miguel. Goncalo enjoys the thrill of catching challenging waves and goes for big swells. Goncalo has the Post Graduation Surf and Performance from the Universidade Lusofona.

Pedro – he started surfing at the age of 14 and he met Goncalo and Miguel at school. All growing up in the same neighborhood close to Caparica. Pedro is responsible for managing our different surf schools and has been teaching for many years. If you have any questions about boards, he is the right person to ask! He successfully graduated with the Portuguese Surfing Federation´s Instructor Course.

Surf Camp and Surf Suits

Enter the world of Gota Dagua Surf Camp and you will indulge into the relaxing Portuguese lifestyle and feel the surf vibe.

The surf houses are located within walking distance of each other in a beautiful and calm neighborhood with cobblestone streets, where neighbors greet you on the streets.

Gota Dagua Surf Camp is the main house where everything happens. Has a bar and a nice chill out area and is where all the guests join during the day to drink a beer or take a rest in our chill out areas. All family dinners, BBQ nights, live music and all other activities will take place in this house.

Gota Dagua Suits, just 1 minute from their main house, is designed for people who want to enjoy a more quiet and private space. With all the amenities for you to enjoy a relaxing holiday and at the same time join our daily activities.

In 8 minutes by foot you will be at the stunning beach of São João, a long sandy beach with amazing beach bars. Everything that you need, Supermarket, surf shops, restaurants are walking distance from the houses.

In addition to surfing, you will always find something to do, you can use bicycles and skateboards for free. There are also many other activities such as slackline, balance board, beach volleyball, snorkeling, ping pong, yoga, barbecues with live music and much more. You will never be bored throughout your stay at their place. You will learn a lot about the history of surfing, theory, as well as brighten up your evenings with watching surfing movies. And you can visualize some of the most beautiful sunsets that you will remember for a lifetime!

Guys from Gota Dagua will pay maximum attention to you, as they gather small groups of students up to 5 people. Therefore, everyone will have a personal approach to learning.

If you’re worried about insurance, they’ll take care of that too.

The training is suitable for both beginners and advanced surfers and there is no age limit. At Gota Dagua guys also practice kite surfing and you can find really good equipment. They will accept you as their family members and will take maximum care of you. You will also be able to continue communicating with them after the training, and they will be happy to share information with you. And we can say with confidence that you will definitely come back to them.

We can proudly say that we are very pleased that we have united our sports community with Gota Dagua as we and they value extreme sports very much. We are doing our best to spread it and grow our community, attracting more outdoor enthusiasts and sports.

Gota Dagua Surf Camp also welcomes All Extreme members and will show you some awesome skills and great times. If you decide to go on surfing trip to Portugal and take lessons with them, you can enjoy special members discount for all surf packages and lessons that you can check out on their website. If you want to enjoy surfing, learn and join a surf camp and you are our member, just fill up the form below and you will receive a discount code for all Gota Dagua services.

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Happy waves with Gota Dagua Surf Camp.

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