Fabio Wibmer – Extreme Biking Sensation

Fabio Wibmer has already become a legendary personality as the coolest trial bike racer who blew up the Internet with his crazy bike stunts.

Fabio Wibmer – the longest mountain bike jump on snow

If you don’t know Fabio Wibmer, then we are sorry. This urgently needs to be fixed.

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Fabio Wibmer has already become a legendary personality and thundered all over the world. He is definitely the coolest trial bike racer to date, who blew up the Internet with his crazy bike stunts, collecting 2.2 million subscribers on his channel and over 270 million views of his videos.

Fabio Wibmer (born 30 June 1995 in Oberpayschlach, East Tyrol) is an Austrian mountain bike racer and web video producer. You may have already seen one of his videos here, which he filmed at home in quarantine. Fabio has many awards and is the official athlete of the Red Bull. We can talk about his merits for a long time, but for this there is Wikipedia. And here we want to present the already famous videos, but perhaps you have not seen them yet.

Then enjoy it !!!

When Fabio Wibmer embarks on his own journey through France. Starting in Lyon, the capital of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, the Austrian cyclist heads to Paris, flying stairs after stairs and doing some cool tricks until he reaches his final destination at the famous Eiffel Tower.

“Urban Freeride Lives 3 has definitely been my happiest job. I really had to improve my ride and expand my ability to get some of these shots, ”says Fabio

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Austrian trial and freeride sensation Fabio Wibmer celebrated reaching the 1 million subscriber mark on his YouTube channel, and was not going to be satisfied with the winter conditions on his local slopes. Not wanting to let the snow get in the way of his celebration, Wibmer traveled to Saalbach-Hinterglemm to conquer the slopes on his downhill bike. This is the most sensational video of all his previous ones. Turns out that may have set a new world record for longest jump on a mountain bike at 141 feet, on snow nonetheless.

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