The best of Extreme sports done at home

Bets compilation “Stay at home” videos 2020

The past 2020 has been a difficult year for many people. Some of them were overtaken by financial crisis, some of them were doing well, other people had health problems and some didn’t. Situation might have been different for many of us, but one thing we’ve all had in common is lack of ability to go outside enjoy nature and travel. Other thing that happened to most of us is that everyone had time to think about their vision of life, maybe not completely but at least partially. Adrenaline junkies and extreme enthusiasts were affected too, but for some of those guys, lockdown open a door to a new, creative side and they even found a way to draw public attention to their sport while sitting at home.

We have made our vision of the Best works over the past year and we want to share them with you. You may have seen some of them and some might be new and funny experience!

Have Fun!


In this video, a guy tells you about ways to surf at home, even if you far from the water. But don’t try this again.


A French student living in Malaysia found a unique way to surf.

If you want to learn surfing for real, visit our Surfing Page.


And one more video that conquered the internet filmed by Philip Klein just before the quarantine locked us in.


This’s killer video from trial biking PRO Fabio Wibmer who did crazy tricks at home with his friends.


Two brothers turned their home into a skateboarding spot during quarantine, look what they do. They built a pretty good skatepark.


This hilarious video about the Corona Virus precautionary rules was filmed by a French team of base jumpers. It turned out funny.


Nothing is impossible for true fans of their craft.

If you have your own videos send us on [email protected] and the best videos will be featured in our posts.

Check out some of the most viral moments and videos from various extreme sports here.

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