When the waves are down and the water is calm, the best way for surfers and adrenaline junkies to ride the surf is on a wakeboard. A watersport in which a rider stands on a wakeboard and is towed behind a motorboat across its wake to perform aerial maneuvers, wakeboarding in UAE is a fun and challenging activity for thrill-seekers.
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Our range of wake boats including two 21V Epics and a Malibu V Ride 21 and our dedicated Centurion Enzo FX 22 Wakesurfing will keep you busy doing what you came to, get the hangtime to develop your new trick list or surf till your legs cant take it anymore.

The boats are perfectly maintained and equipped with enough ballast to build a perfect, smooth wake to send you into the stratosphere. If you feel like backing it off we simply dump some excess water and lift the wedge.

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Wakeboarding in Dubai changes the game. Warm water all year round will have you riding hours on hours until you are hitting the wake and landing way out in the flats on all your maneuvers.

Whatever type of riding style, we have a wake that will suit you.

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Al Forsan Wake Park

A fun and family-friendly sports and leisure destination that’s a bit of a hidden gem, the state-of-the-art Al Forsan International Sports Resort is home to Arabia’s first wakeboarding, waterskiing and kneeboarding cable ski parks. Featuring a huge overhead cable erected around the banks of the purpose-built ‘pro’ and ‘beginner’ lakes, the cable travels between 29 to 38kph (depending on the level of experience), pulling participants around the lake on their chosen board or ski, specifically wakeboard, wakeskate, kneeboards, mono ski or water ski. The cable system can accommodate multiple riders at a time (13 per minute), giving you more action and less waiting time.

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Described by the World Wakeboarding Association (WWA) as “one of the most amazing cable facilities in the world”, Al Forsan International Sports Resort is also home to exciting events. 

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