The Dominican Republic is one of the world's top kiteboarding destinations. The island is very popular due to its warm waters, overall affordability, a range of activities, international flight access, and year-round wind + wave conditions.


Cabarete is one of the original kitesurfing meccas; people have been making the pilgrimage to this fantastic spot in the Dominican Republic for years. The wind blows all year consistently round, and the waves roll in during the winter.You’ll find a relaxed cosmopolitan atmosphere and a town filled with people who love to kite. When the sun goes down, the party starts, and the nightlife is vibrant and great fun.

The kitesurfing can be world class, with lots of spots to choose from and a mix of flat water and waves there is something for everyone. It is a favourite spot for beginners and experts alike with many pro riders visiting throughout the year and a few that live here permanently

The wind blows all year round, and during a good season, they have well over 250 days of kiteable wind! The windiest season is from April to September with October and November generally offering more rain and less chance of wind. The weather starts to turn in December, and you can be lucky and get good winds from then until March as well.

cabarete kiteboard at the beach