Closing Summer Wakeboarding News

The end of the summer season is always sad.

Due to the ongoing subject of the pandemic, and unfortunately the re-introduction of some restrictions and / or the decisions about additional conditions for the conduct of sporting events, many of them are postponed, or even forced to be cancelled this year due to certain organizational requirements.

closing summer wakeboarding season

For example, the organizers of 2021 Malibu Virtual Wake Open, had to leave this event in a virtual format, which definitely has its pros and cons. All the necessary rules and requirements for participation were introduced with more details on page:

Until the end of August 2021, there is an opportunity to join the list of participants, by fulfilling the necessary conditions. In particular, you must be a member of the British Water Ski & Wakeboard Association, fill out an online form and submit a video of your run, according to the list of requirements for the competition presented on web page.

There is a huge advantage, that gives a great opportunity to replenish your archive, as well as the drawback in inability to share the general atmosphere and emotions from participating in the live event.

We hope for an early resolution of the obstacles that again have arisen and wish all participants and fans of active sports to stay in touch, not to lose faith in the better times, and also to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

However, there are still places in the world where there is a wonderful opportunity to share an incredible amount of emotions with like-minded people and the audience, whose support is very valuable and very much worth it.

Red Bull Wake Capital

This is how the exciting 2021 Red Bull Wake Capital event took place, in Hamburg’s Sandtorhafen harbor, Germany, on a specially equipped track with a total length of 240 meters, and 9 different obstacles, which consisted of shipping containers, industrial pipes and excavators. A superbly equipped track was tested by 16 world-class wakeboarders.

And here are the top three:

  1. Timo Kapl
  2. Daniel Grant
  3. Guenther Oka

The participants admitted that they got an immense amount of pleasure and were overwhelmed by the set up during the preparation for the event, running around the track, as well as giving their best at the event itself.

source: surfertoday

WakeWorld Riders Choice Awards

For those who follow different related events, we want to present a very interesting vote – 2021 WakeWorld Riders Choice Awards. It has been held for 21 years in a row, that seems incredible in itself and certainly causes great respect to the active preservation of vital interest to the activity with such passion. In addition to the fact that anyone involved in wakeboarding activities can not only select their favorite athletes in the category, but also mark the products on the market that help to embody the most amazing tricks.

The association also fueled interest in voting this year by deciding to allow all voters to automatically participate in a drawing of very interesting products from the sponsoring company, Hyperlite which has been a great support for the entire community for all these years and allows riders to show all their skills and abilities in wakeboarding.

Those wishing to vote, well you still have this opportunity until the end of August.

We are looking forward to many more events of this year. Stay tuned.

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