You should schedule your trip to the Grand Cayman between November and April, possibly half May, when the trade winds blow consistently at about 20 – 25 knots. These conditions are usually promising a great kiting experience. You’ll come across the strongest winds from the end of December till April. And for the rest of the year, temperatures are high, but the winds are just too weak for kiteboarding.

East End


There are some pretty good kitesurfing spots on the island. Most folks go to the southeast coast of the island called “East End”, where the wind is pretty consistent and blows cross onshore. Due to the curvy shape of the coastline, the wind stays onshore for the most of the day.

The spot is made up on a large lagoon with water mostly only about a waist deep. That goes for about 100 meters offshore. The water is flat inside the lagoon, making it an ideal spot for the beginners and freestylers. The whole lagoon is bordered by the reef about 1km offshore and so that’s where you’d find a few waves if you ride further out into the sea.

cayman islands kiteboarding east end

Sweet Spot


On the North-east of Grand Cayman, you’ll come across to the Sweet Spot. Real gem and literally a true “sweet spot”. The North-east side of Grand Cayman has a large protected reef sound with various conditions ranging from flat shallow water to smaller chops and waves through the channels.

You can either look for the Colliers Public Beach and launch from here. Or head up north a few hundred meters from Colliers Beach to find a much smaller public beach. This is your Sweet Spot.

cayman islands sweet spot