Callum Robson Ready for Pipe After Bout with COVID


Callum Robson Ready for Pipe After Bout with COVID

Last December, Callum Robson was focused on advancing to at least the quarterfinals of the WSL Challenger Series. Callum was competing at Haleiwa on the north shore of Hawaii looking to earn a spot on the World Surf League Championship tour for 2022. After advancing to the semi-finals, the 21-year-old advanced to the “big show” in grand style.

Things don’t always go smoothly, however, as Robson recently confirmed he tested positive for COVID. After chasing down waves at Kirra during cyclone Seth, Robson noticed how run down his body was. Robson noted how it hit him bard because his body was also very tired from the extraordinary amount of surfing he’s done.

While Robson clearly didn’t want to be struck with COVID, he’s keeping a positive outlook on the situation.  If he was to get COVID, he would much rather it come now that immediately prior to the Pipe Masters, which will be held in Hawaii on January 29.

Arriving in Hawaii two weeks prior to the start of the event, Robson has two weeks to prepare for his CT event.  Robson took down Conner Coffin and John Florence during his qualification stage in Haleiwa and is certainly looking forward to go toe-to-toe with the very best CT surfers. Robson knows that strong performances against the best CT surfers will make him a household name.  While respecting the best, Robson doesn’t put them on a pedestal, knowing they can be defeated just like anyone else.

Getting COVID is never a great thing, but in the end it may turn out to be a huge positive for Robson, who now is developing a bit of natural immunity against the wide spreading Omicron variant. This can only help him down the road, which is bound to be long and rewarding for the up-and-coming star from Australia.

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