Any time is a good time to go surfing in Australia. There are great waves all year round! With its world-famous Superbank, Byron Bay, Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and Torquay, Australia stands at the very top of any avid surfers’ bucket list.
  • Crescent Head, NSW
  • Manly Beach

Crescent Head, NSW

Ribboning the coastline for 25km (15.5mi), the waves at Crescent Head are perfect for both beginners and professional longboard riders. Located just north of Port Macquarie, there are four ‘perfect right-hand point breaks’ bringing in miracle rides of up to 200m (650ft); due to this, news of this specific point break has spread across the world, with some of the best surfing movies being filmed here – including Hang Ten (2001).


crescent head sufing

Manly Beach

Sydney’s suburb of Manly is known for its laid-back surfing culture, so there’s no better place to seek out an incredible surf. Manly Beach, with its pretty shoreline shaded by Norfolk pines, is renowned for its consistent breaks. Manly Surf School offers group and individual lessons for beginners, while avid surfers can get their thrills near Queenscliff headland at the northern end of the beach. Freshwater Beach, just a short walk north from Manly Beach, is prime surfing real estate; it’s the spot where surfboard riding was popularised in Australia by Hawaiian 'Duke' Kahanamoku. Reliable sandbanks and consistent waves keep 'Freshie' at the top of the list for many local surfers.

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