All Extreme selected in top 25 Snowboarding blogs by feedspot!

A great recognition has come to us at All Extreme yesterday from one of the most prestigious Blog directories on the web!

After only one month of being live, All Extreme has been chosen in the top 25 blogs about Snowboarding by Feed Spot!

In the latest edition on Feed Spot, our website has taken 23rd place in the top list of blogs about Snowboarding. Feed Spot analyses content quality and value for visitors, blog activity, number of posts per day/week and other factors when making their lists what makes us very proud to be featured on there among some of the most famous blogs and websites that have been around for many years!

This feature comes at the right time for us at All Extreme as we are working on updating the website design, arranging interviews with professional athletes from various fields and adding additional valuable content for our community members and visitors.

Being selected in the top 25 blogs so soon after our launch means that people recognize our work, dedication and passion for extreme sports with goal of connecting more people with similar interests.

We can only promise that we will keep doing what we started and with the help and support of our members and readers succeed in creating a thriving community of adrenaline enthusiasts and adventure lovers!

Please sign up, join the community and take part in various topics on our forum!

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Check the FeedSpot list of top 25 blogs here!

Top 25 snowboarding blogs on web


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