All Extreme Brand Ambassador Program

Welcome to the All Extreme Brand Ambassador Program!

We are excited to have you on the All Extreme team and to see the great content you create. 

– As our Brand Ambassador you receive a special commission rate of X% on all All Extreme products sold through your posts.

– You get the opportunity to receive free clothes. 

– You will have the opportunity to delight your subscribers and customers with gifts as various discounts that you will receive periodically for various products.

– You will receive all training material on working with the control panel.


Here’s how to submit your Ambassador request:

1You must register your Account on our site (if you are approved as an ambassador, your account will be used as a control panel).

2After registering an account, you must open this Form, fill it out and submit it.

**Fill out the registration form with high quality, we want to get to know you better, because you become part of our team.

3. We will review and then approve or decline your submission.

4. Once your submission is approved you will be notified via email.

5. View your submission in the My Profile section  and you will then be able to add product links.

6. Now your video or photo is ready to be shared and posted on to social media. Don’t forget to include your tracking links.

Learn how to attach product links to your content by tutorial which you’ll receive on your e-mail  after your submission will be approved.

Let’s get this started!

Your participation in the All Extreme Brand Ambassador program is subject to your continual compliance with the policies, terms and conditions attached below. Please be sure to follow the TC guidelines below, when posting any commissionable links.